Considerations Before You Buy At Florida

09/03/2013 11:23

Before purchase of flats we must determine the location, the amenities , view as well as Price of the accommodation at Florida The first step must be to determine and view of the beach which must have something like gold course, expansive waters and must try to be in the category of beach condo buyers. There are mainly three types of properties in condo category 1. Planned gated communities:- It consists of many gates which offer wonderful blend of amenities like golf, tennis courts, fitness rooms, club houses etc. the communities are a mixture consisting of single family rooms, villas sw condos. Some do have facility of marine boats and even restaurants on home premises. 2. High-rises: This sought of towers are found in beaches of Gulf of Mexico. Some examples like Tarpon Point, Cape Harbour, Gulf Harbour, Mastique an even Charlotte Harbour. 3. Smaller condo complexes: We find smaller complexes with around 100 residences and 3 to 5 stories high and are available in Fort Myers. It also consists of small waterfront tenants. Similarly on the beaches, we find corporate owned condo-hotels and small owner association. Boating along The Gulf of Mexico Condo complexes are situated near canals having dock space. They are used in three ways. Firstly dock space is legally attached to the condo unit and a common space assigned to the unit. The ideal scenario would provide convenience to both owner and the future value. Golf Communities Once we moved towards South West Florida, it boast the most no of golf course anywhere in the world. Some courses are surrounded by semi-private or public courses. Others are fully private and offer membership for equity golf , sports membership etc. Association Fees There are mainly two types of association fees: First is HOA (Home Owners Association) fees and Second is Master HOA fees. The first HOA fee mainly covers insurance for the miscellaneous expenses like structures, grounds keeping, water, sewer, trash remove, cable TV, and management. Similarly Master HOA fee covers most of the grounds and services which are common for all subdivisions which as guarded entrance, entryway landscaping, and clubhouses. Leasing Policies Most condo associations also have a rental policy of leasing flat on yearly or monthly basis. Property Management & Rates In South West Florida, property management firms handle rental flats a lot. The regions such as Gulf Harbour, The Landings and Burnt Store marina are the places where European customers tend to prefer during summer. During summer many tourist rent the flats from December to May, which provides rental opportunities to the locals. Thus investment in buying a condo at Florida, is a good opportunity to make money . As the position is very good we can invest here and give condo on rental basis to European tourists who are ready to pay high rentals as this is tourist spot. Secondly after few years when the prices are sky high we can sell the condo and make money from it also.